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Anton-Argires and

I wasn’t born in 1949 but that was the year the my father and his two brothers started Anton-Argires, Inc. Coming to this country from Greece with no language and little schooling they worked hard to realize their dream. Televisions were just starting to appear in the home at that time. In the beginning they sold both nuts and produce in the historic Chicago South Water Market.

(In this picture of the brothers, there is Dan, Tom, and Jim Argires --left to right)


Our customers came back every day to buy from us so we had to respect, to deliver, and to please every day. Bring quality produce and nuts in and sell them fast so that it was good when you got them. Every day was a new test of our reputation and who we were. There was no harder challenge.

We survived all of these years, opening our doors 5 days a week each year to please our customers. And they kept coming back. Year after year. What better review can we possibly share with you as to who we are?

After exiting the produce business in 2002, we chose to keep and expand our nut business. You see, my father and his brothers sold in shell nuts from day one in 1949. As a member of our second generation you can’t help but pick up not only the stability and consistency my father and his brothers demonstrated through the many years but also their passion for quality and their excitement for great tasting products.

Technology now connects you and I to experience so much more of what we have to offer. It’s exciting to have met you through the web. We do so much more with nuts today and have expanded our offerings to include our own made gourmet cheese and caramel “Chicago Style” popcorn. We know from people who visit our outlet store at our plant that what we love to do best is to create big smiles.

At the top, you saw our new retail branded logo. has been a part of our family since we started selling on the web. We are now tieing together our wholesale brand with our retail brand. Nothing has changed. We are still the same excited individuals that enjoy serving you. 

Everything we do is either made or packed fresh for great taste and big smiles. You are the reason we enjoy coming to work each day. My wife and I, together with our entire staff, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to continue serving you throughout the year.

Enjoy your day as well as your life!


George & Marge Argires