Sunflower Seeds

Bulk Sunflower Seeds

Argires Snacks’ Bulk Sunflower Seeds are one of our most popular seed products because they taste so outrageously good. Sunflower seeds are perfect for any occasion. You should add them to your diet today.

In Europe, people use sunflower seeds as a snack all of the time. Supermarket shelves are packed with them. Argires Snacks offers our customers a variety of ways to enjoy the big taste of sunflower seeds. You can order them as a stand-alone product, but sunflowers seeds also form part of our trail mixes. Argires Snacks offer four pure sunflower seeds products packed with natural goodness.

How to Add Sunflower Seeds to Your Diet

If you are new to cooking and eating sunflower seeds, you may be wondering how you can add them to your diet. The most obvious solution is to snack on them when they are delivered from Argires Snacks. Just open the bag to enjoy a true natural taste sensation.

You can also add sunflower seeds to muesli and sprinkle it on your lunchtime salad. However, you can get more creative than that. Argires Snacks bulk sunflower seeds taste great when added to stews, roasts, and even rice dishes. Sunflower seeds allow you to get truly creative in the kitchen. They are a great way of learning how to cook and bake with seeds if you are new to seeds.

Bulk Sunflower Seeds from Argires Snacks

Running your own business means that you are always looking for new ideas and ways in which you can grow and expand your business. When you would like to add healthy ranges to your business, let Argires Snacks help you out.

Our bulk sunflower seeds offer excellent value for the price and will make a great addition to many different kinds of companies. Today, many people want a more natural diet and sunflower seeds are perfect when it comes to giving your customers a healthy alternative.

Argires Snacks bulk sunflower seeds are also a perfect choice when you run a pet food company. Both garden birds and cage birds love them.

Product benefits:

  • Sold in bulk
  • Available by the pound
  • Natural product
  • Excellent value for money
  • Sourced from top suppliers

We roast our sunflower seeds in natural coconut oil. We know that many other companies use inferior oils. Argires Snacks like to offer a seed product loaded with big flavor, which is why we will only use a quality oil when we roast our seeds and nuts. Our natural coconut oil locks in the flavor and enhances big taste of the sunflower seeds.

The team at Argires Snacks are dedicated to delicious tasting sunflower seeds. We offer raw, shelled, raw shelled, roasted without salt, and in-shell raw sunflower seeds. These all have one thing in common - they are outrageously good to eat.

Place your order today, and Argires Snacks will make sure that your order is with you in no time at all using our fast and fresh service.