Frequently Asked Questions - If still unsure call us at 800-837-0100.

 Where are you located? We are located in a southwest suburb of Chicago called Alsip. You can find driving directions to our store and store hours by clicking on "Chicago Area Locations" located on the toolbar above.


How can I find out how much my shipping cost will be? What day will my order be delivered? Just click on the "Shipping Cost Estimator" located on the toolbar above. Enter the total number of pounds of your ENTIRE order in the field, enter your zip code, and then click on estimate. You will then see all of your UPS shipping rates depending on the level of service you require as well as what day you can expect delivery of your order. All orders entered before 1pm central time during the week will ship that afternoon.


How can I track my order after it is shipped? On our home page on the right side, you will find a box that is titled "Order Tracking". Just enter either your order ID OR your last name and your zipcode and your tracking number and information will be displayed on the screen.


Can I buy nuts or popcorn and this time ship it to someone else? You have your own address book where you can add as many other addresses as you like. Then when you go through our checkout process you can designate who to send the order to. You can add adresses to your address book at checkout or after you login you will see a link on the right side by your cart that will say address book. You can click there and add more addresses.


Why should I register on your site? Believe it or not it will make things easier for you. If you register and login each time you visit our site to order, your checkout process will be quicker as many of the order and ship to fields will already be completed. You will also have access to your order history and a quicker way to see your address book.


Do you keep our credit card information on file? For your protection, we don't. Every time you order you will need to give us your credit card information. After it is approved for your purchase, our system only keeps a portion of the number.


What name will appear on my credit card statement when we order from  The company name on your credit card statement will read "Anton-Argires, Inc.".


How do you sell your nuts? By the lb? Package? How will I receive them? We sell everything by the pound (lb). When you see "quantity" or "amount" we mean pound(s). We ship each item you buy in a plastic bag.


When & how will my order ship? All orders ship with UPS. No PO Box deliveries possible. Orders placed by 1pm (Chicago time) will ship the same day. All other orders will ship the next business day afternoon. UPS shipping charges are added to your order at time of checkout.


 How can I look up my last order? Can I place the same order as last time?  To do this you must have already registered on our site. To do this, use the box on the right that is titled "Your Account". Login to our site. Click on "Orders history" above the "Your account" section on right side of home page. Search all dates or more recent dates as you wish. You will see a listing of your orders. Click on the order number and you will see your invoice. If you want to place the same order again just click on "Add order to cart" which you will see at the top of the invoice. Then click on shopping cart in the gray toolbar (above) and you will be ready to checkout. It is that easy!


What does it mean when you say RAW nuts? It means that the nuts have not been roasted. They are unsalted. This is the way nature gives them to us right out of the shell. (You may have not known this but many of your nuts in the baking aisle of a grocery store are raw even though they may not say this on the package.) And yes, you can eat them raw!


What am I doing wrong when I put in my zip code and I get an error? Your zipcode is 12345-9999. Enter your zipcode WITHOUT a hyphen as 123459999.


Do I need to enter the CCV code when putting my credit card information in? Yes, you must enter this code for your credit card to go through and for your order to be accepted. For Discover, Mastercard, and Visa, this is the last 3 numbers on the right on the back of your card by your signature. For American Express, it would be the 4 numbers at the upper right hand side on the front of the card.


What type of oil do you use to cook your nuts and popcorn?  We use coconut oil. If you were to research coconut oil you will find that it is medium chain fat that is good for you. The oil produces no trans fats when used in cooking.


Are nuts healthy for you to eat? Please check out our section on the " Health Benefits of Nuts" by clicking on the link on the left side of the home page under our help section.