Unsalted Nuts

Bulk Unsalted Nuts

Argires Snacks' Bulk Unsalted Nuts (raw or roasted) provide you with a delicious experience. Whether you want to buy them in bulk or place a smaller order, you will receive fresh nuts that deliver a tasty punch. If you have your own business, we'd recommend ordering them in bulk so that you always have enough on hand. Argires Snacks also supplies bulk unsalted nuts to others that prefer to order in bulk as well, such as prepper communities.

How to Make the Most of Argires Snacks Unsalted Nuts

Many people still overlook unsalted nuts. However, they are the ideal choice when you want to make personalized trail mixes, nut blends, or use them in your cooking. Unsalted nuts from Argires Snacks taste great on top of salads or added to your breakfast. Or when you need to watch your daily salt intake.

As a matter of fact, when you add them to your cooking, they will help many everyday dishes take on a new dimension. They boosts the flavor and nutritional value of whatever you add them to. Our team of flavor fighters at Argires Snacks work hard to deliver delicious tasting nuts that also happen to be good for you.

The nuts included in Argires Snacks bulk unsalted (raw or roasted) nuts range include: Almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, filberts (hazelnuts), mixed nuts, peanuts, pecans, pistachios, and walnuts. Argires Snacks are also very proud of their varied range of almonds products, which include both raw and slivered almonds. If it’s nut-related, there’s a good chance we have it.

Who Buys Bulk Unsalted Nuts?

Argires Snacks’ Bulk Unsalted Nuts are popular with those who follow a plant-based diet and preppers. Unsalted nuts are an easy product both to use and stock up on. Argires Snacks will ship your purchases directly to you using our fast and fresh service.

Product benefits:

  • Sourced from top quality suppliers
  • No salt added
  • We roast our roasted nut products in natural coconut oil to seal in the flavor
  • Excellent value for the price you pay
  • Huge range of bulk unsalted nuts to choose from in this particular nut range

The Health Benefits of Unsalted Nuts

Argires Snacks bulk unsalted nuts are full of extra health benefits. We deliver them fresh, meaning that you end up with a nut packed with healthy compounds. All unsalted nuts contain high-quality plant-based protein. They are also rich in vitamin E and nut oils.

Eating nuts as a healthy snack has become increasingly popular with the rise of natural diets. Nuts have been overlooked as part of cooking and baking for some time. Now that many of us have realized how good they taste and their health benefits, nuts have finally found their way into many homes and larders.

Argires Snacks provide our customers with delicious nuts that are perfect for those who live a healthy lifestyle and look for healthy snacks. The team at Argires Snacks loves to deliver quick service, big flavor, and friendly experiences. Place your order for bulk unsalted nuts today and experience a new big taste sensation which will put smiles on the faces of your friends and family