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Energy Mix. No Salt Added.

High Energy Trail Mix

Argires Snacks’ High Energy Trail Mix is a big flavor treat for your taste buds and bursting with high-energy ingredients. It's packed with protein thanks to our flavor fighters roasting the nuts in natural coconut oil. Argires Snacks' High Energy Trail Mix is perfect for putting in your bag and taking to work. As a matter of fact, it is so outrageously good that you'll want to share it with your colleagues. This trail mix will put big smiles on their faces.

Product benefits:

  • Packed with high-quality protein from blanched peanuts, sunflower kernels, almonds
  • Special extras such as pepitas, chocolate peanut gens, chocolate plain gems
  • Full of antioxidants
  • Order by the lb.

Argires Snacks' High Energy Trail Mix is for lovers of flavor bursting snacks. Place your order and spoil yourself with quality big flavor snacks ready for you to enjoy.


Blanched Peanuts, Sunflower Kernels, Almonds, Dark Raisins, Pepitas, Chocolate Peanut Gems, Chocolate Plain Gems, Coconut Oil.

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  • 5
    So fresh tasting!

    It's hard to find no-salt snacks, especially ones that are healthy and taste so fresh! It's been a year that I ordered 10# of this and was waiting until my parrots needed their treats too to reorder. I think I better get more this time!

  • 5

    Very Happy

  • 5
    Fresh and tasty

    I ordered several of the trail mixes for my mom. Based on comments from her and other family members, another order is going to be placed soon. Everybody commented on their flavor and freshness and appreciated that there was no salt.

  • 5
    Hard to resist

    We will have to get more. We bought a few pounds of this and took ti along on some long road trips. Hubby takes sandwich bags filled with it in his lunch. It's very fresh, tasty, and healthy and hard to stop eating sometimes.

  • 5

    Absolutely wonderful! You can't find a better product than this! I tried, but nothing can match it!

  • 5

    This mix is so good, very fresh and love that it has no salt. Great variety of nuts in the mixture. Will be purchasing this again. :)

  • 5
    ....this mix gets me going everyday!! :)

    ....this mix gets me going everyday!! :)

  • 5

    I am a huge fan of trail mixes or "gorp" as we called it back in scouting and gave eaten it for over 40 years now. This mix is one of the best!! It is a good, evenly balanced mix of sweet and savory. I like that it's not salted as this is more important to me as an adult now. The nuts are surprisingly very fresh tasting and the raisins are still kind of plump and are not dried up door stops all gathered together on little bunches of sugar. There is a good mix of nuts (wish there were a little more cashews, but heck who wouldn't?), and a good ratio to the chocolate "m&m" pieces (are not the brand ones) so that when you throw a palmful in your mouth, you get a little of everything. My bag was a little heavy on sunflower seeds I thought, but I love Sunflower seeds. Overall this was a great mix and the 3lbs I bought only lasted a few days with my husband and I. Big surprise was my husband who typically doesn't like trail mix--loved this one for the same reasons above, mostly for the freshness of the flavor of the roasted nuts. Try it, you won't regrets it and it would be an excellent after school snack option for you kids!!