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Where Do Nuts Come From?

14th Aug 2020

Nuts grow around the world. In similar climates with some countries producing a majority of a specific global crop. All nuts from each growing area are harvested one time a year. Because climate … read more

Possible Shipment Delays

6th May 2020

All of us are hoping that both you and your families are both safe and healthy during these difficult times. We have learned that from time to time, our customers have received their packages a f … read more

The Delusion of Free Shipping

Posted by George Argires on 15th Nov 2018 does not offer free shipping. Why is that? Free shipping implies that the customer does not pay for this. The vendor does. Yet, in order to offer free shipping on products that have weight … read more

The Best Nuts to Eat for a Healthy Snack

29th May 2018

We all love to snack. Salty or sweet, crunchy or chewy and sometimes, all at once. Trying to eat more healthy foods, snacks can be a challenge. Nuts are a perfect snack choice. They have prote … read more