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Are Hazlenuts Good For You?

15th Aug 2022

What's in Hazelnuts? Nuts as a food group have a lot to recommend them to a healthy diet—with a relatively high calorie count per serving, they provide energy with protein and healthy fats in a f … read more

What Are Filberts?

26th Jul 2022

Filberts, or filbert nuts are the fruit of the hazel tree (specifically, of the genus Corylus), and are often called hazelnuts. The majority of the world’s filberts are produced in … read more

What Are Pepitas, And What Can You Do With Them?

26th May 2022

What are Pepitas? The short answer is pepitas are pumpkin seeds without the shells, but that doesn't really tell the whole story. Pepitas are pumpkin based seeds, but they are … read more

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

26th May 2022

Pumpkin seeds. For most, they conjure up memories of childhood, scraping out pumpkins to make them into jack-o-lanterns and sorting out the seeds to dry out and snack on as ro … read more