Bulk Nuts

Bulk Wholesale Nuts

At Argires Snacks we offer all types of nuts in bulk at wholesale prices. We are dedicated to delivering the most delicious and best quality wholesale nuts to our customers with our fast and fresh service.

Argires Snacks is one of the major wholesale nut companies in the Chicago area. We sell the different kinds of nuts we offer at our factory outlet store. At your convenience you can walk-in to buy your favorite nuts and snacks at wholesale prices.

We are also the best place to buy nuts online. We are not only about the highest quality and competitive prices. We also provide great service. Argires Snacks cares passionately about each customer. We deliver quick service, big flavor, and friendly experiences that put smiles on everyone's faces.

Why Should You Buy Nuts in Bulk Online at

  • Buying bulk nuts wholesale gives the buyer excellent value
  • Argires Snacks sources only the best quality nuts from all over the world
  • Nuts are natural products and they are healthy
  • We ship every business day and if you order online before 1 pm CST, your shipment goes out the same day
  • When roasting we use natural coconut oil for the best taste
  • We sell nuts by the pound
  • Our flavor fighters work hard to provide you with the best nuts for eating, cooking and baking.

Where Do Nuts Come From?

Most of the bulk nuts we sell are grown in the United States. Some, such as cashews and macadamias come from other countries. Here are the places where nuts are grown:

  • Almonds - California, Spain, Iran, and Morocco.
  • Cashews - India, Africa, Vietnam, and Brazil.
  • Macadamias - South Africa, Australia, Hawaii, Brazil, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Colombia, and Guatemala.
  • Filberts (Hazelnuts) - Oregon, Turkey, Italy, China.
  • Peanuts - China, India, Georgia, the Carolinas, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Argentina and Vietnam.
  • Pecans - Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, Arizona, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Israel, South Africa and Australia.
  • Pistachios - Iran, California, Turkey, China and Syria. 
  • Walnuts - China, US, Europe, Ukraine, Chile, and Turkey.
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How to Store Nuts?

Argires Snacks' bulk nuts are so fresh that you can store them for a considerable amount of time.

Because of their oil content, nuts can become rancid if they are not stored properly. You can store nuts shelled or in shell form. In shell nuts will last longer, but at the very least you should store all bulk nuts in dry and cool places.

If you will not consume the nuts you bought right away, it is best if you keep them in airtight food storage containers or resealable food storage bags. This will help with maintaining the right moisture which will keep the nuts fresh.

Nuts tend to pick up the smell of other high-odor foods so storing them away from them is essential to preserve their taste. Keeping them in closed containers eliminates this problem.

You can also store bulk nuts in the refrigerator for months or in the freezer for more than a year. And in case they become stale you can put them in the oven and toast for a while to bring back their flavor.

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What are the Health Benefits of Nuts?

When you buy nuts in bulk from Argires Snacks, they always come packed with natural goodness. Nuts are great sources of protein, fat and fiber. They mostly contain monosatured fat along side with Omega-6 and Omega-3 polyunsaturated fats. They also have various vitamins and minerals such as Magnesium and Vitamin E.

Nuts also contain oils that are rich in anti-inflammatory properties and help support your health. Here are some resources where you can find more information about the health benefits of nuts;

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Sure, you can eat Argires Snacks' nuts straight out of the bag, but cooking and baking with them can add a lot of flavor to your dishes, bread, and cakes. When you run a restaurant or bakery our bulk nuts are a great choice.

While you are at a nuts store where you can buy the best nuts online, why don't you order today and enjoy Argires Snacks' fresh and outrageously good bulk nut products.