Argires Snacks seeds are a perfect fit for those interested in fresh, wholesome, good for you snacks from a company that cares about each customer. Argires delivers quick service, big flavor, and friendly experiences that are outrageously good.

Our bulk seeds are shipped fast and fresh because we believe that "fresh enhances taste". We also believe that great taste should come with great service. Freshly roasted or salted nuts (as well as raw seeds) taste so much better than store bought cans or jars. You gain the advantage of freshness when you buy your Argires Snacks seeds online.

Argires Snacks nuts depends on direct sourcing of the highest quality ingredients. All of our seeds are cooked in coconut oil to enhance their flavor. Our food safety practices are strong and validated with one of the toughest third party audits in the industry called SQF (Safe Quality Food). Most retailers demand this type of certification to be considered as a vendor.

Seeds are just as healthy for you to eat as nuts although they aren't as popular. Packed with fiber as well as minerals and vitamins, they too contain antioxidants just like nuts. Smaller in size, they make for great additions to salads and prepared meals. Eating them by themselves is a real treat that is not filling. Outrageously good is a feeling we want customers to experience. Argires Snacks seeds are a perfect way to add wholesome, fresh snacks with simple ingredients to your day.

Thanks for visiting our site. Happy shopping! WE HOPE YOUR WEEK TURNS OUT TO BE OUTRAGEOUSLY GOOD!