Chia Seeds - Black

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Black Chia Seeds

Looking for a way to add a powerful punch of nutrition to your favorite meals? Then you need to try these outrageously good black Chia seeds today! Chia seeds are a superfood containing important omega-3 fatty acids for eye health and good HDL cholesterol. They also contain fiber, iron, and calcium, giving you a healthy daily dose of important nutrients you need. Not only that, but they have a neutral flavor and smooth texture, making them ideal to add to sweet and savory dishes.

Black chia seeds are also an important ingredient in Parrot and Macaw nutrition.

Product benefits:

  • Packed with essential nutrients and minerals
  • Perfect for adding nutrition to cooking
  • Very attractive price per pound
  • Excellent source of protein
  • When combined with water, can replace egg in vegan foods
  • A team of flavor fighters dedicated to delicious

While commonly used in sweet dishes and puddings, chia seeds can also bring life to crackers, energy bars, yogurt, pancakes, smoothies, and breads. Perfect for the health-conscious person looking to add a healthy boost to their favorite foods, give chia seeds from Argires Snacks a try today to give your diet a fast & fresh upgrade!


Chia Seeds.