Hazelnuts (Filberts)

Bulk Filberts / Hazelnuts

Argires Snacks bulk filberts, or hazelnuts, are great for any time of the year. We often only think of adding them to our diet around the Holiday Season. It is a shame that a lot of people only buy them at Christmas, as they have a bold taste that's hard to find elsewhere.

We source our bulk filberts from Oregon in the United States. The slightly cooler conditions in Oregon make it the perfect place for growing hazelnuts. They grow slower than in warmer climates around the United States. Once our bulk filberts reach us, our flavor fighters go through and ensure that they are of the highest-quality. We only serve outrageously good filberts to our customers.

We have two great hazelnut products available that include filberts in shell and raw shelled filberts. They can also be found in Argires Snacks nut mixes. We don't add or take anything out of of our filberts. This is one of our best tasting products, mostly due to our natural process of production.

How to Use Filberts

You can easily grind Argires Snacks filberts and use them for baking cakes or cookies. This is something that Europeans are particularly fond of and you will find that they add them to many cakes and pastries. Hazelnuts can add a sensual flavor to many cakes. Try adding them to muffins or ground them up to bake them into a cake. Incidentally, hazelnuts taste great when mixed with chocolate.

You can even make a nut butter blended with chocolate and hazelnuts. Once you have made your own blend, you are never going to want to buy a commercial blend again. Of course, hazelnuts are also loved by squirrels and some of the smaller parrot species.

Product benefits:

  • One of the most natural nut products from Argires Snacks
  • Excellent value for money
  • Rich in natural nut oils
  • Loaded with vitamin E
  • Sold by the pound
  • Product of Oregon in the United States
  • Shipped fast and fresh directly to you

Health Benefits of Hazelnuts

There are many health benefits associated with hazelnuts. Some of the main benefits include better skin quality and cardiovascular health. Out of all the nuts, hazelnuts are the ones which are most associated with improved digestive health.

Argires Snacks' Hazelnuts are super fresh. They contain healthy ingredients such as vitamin E and B. It is rather unusual for a nut to be rich in complex vitamin B, but hazelnuts are.

On top of that, they are contain calcium and magnesium. As hazelnuts are a rich source of calcium, they are one of the healthy Argires Snacks nut products that should be part of a plant-based diet. Hazelnuts are so full of calcium that they make an excellent dairy milk substitute.

Argires Snacks bulk filberts / hazelnuts should not only be served up around Christmas time. These small nuts are dietary powerhouses and deserve to be part of your daily diet. Order hazelnuts from Argires Snacks today and discover why we are so passionate about filberts.