Trail Mix

Bulk Trail Mix

Argires Snacks' Bulk Trail Mix Blends are perfect as both a snack for hikers and a special treat for your party. We offer a range of different bulk trail mix blends which have one thing in common - they all taste outrageously good. Argires Snacks bulk trail mix blends are perfect for packing up into smaller bags and taking them into the office. The only problem is that they may not last long as they are perfect for snacking.

Don't forget that you can use many of our mixed nut blends as trail mixes as well. Deluxe shelled nuts without salt is perfect for those who love to have a healthy snack during the day.

Bulk Trail Mixes for Business

If you own a company, you may want to consider buying and adding one or Argires Snacks' Bulk Trail Mix Blends to your range. Natural snacks are very popular due to the growing concern about added sugar in our daily diets. We can ship our bulk trail mix to your company to help to grow your business and give you a chance to an add an exciting product to your range.

Give us a call and our team will talk you through the information we need to send you the first shipment.

Product benefits:

  • Different blends of bulk trail mix
  • Great value for money
  • A fresh product which both tastes great and looks great
  • High mix available
  • Big taste natural product
  • Sold by the pound or in bulk

Who Buys Trail Mix Blends?

Argires Snacks’ Trail Mix Blends are perfect for almost anybody. They make the perfect high-energy snack to reach for during the day when you have a craving for something delicious. Our blends are just as popular with busy moms as they are with hikers.

Many of our customers like to buy them to put them on the counter or table for guests to enjoy. Out of all the snacks sold by Argires Snacks, our trail mix blends are one of our most versatile products. They are popular with everyone and make a great snack for kids when you want your children to have a healthy snack during the day. Add to lunch boxes or just put in their pockets when they are about to leave for school.

We have been producing trail mix blends for a long time. We have learned that our customers appreciate quality trail mix blends and this is what we've focused on putting together for you. All mixes are fresh and will ship directly to you using our fast and fresh service.

Argires Snacks' Bulk Trail Mix Blends are perfect for all those who love to have a quality snack available. The team at Argires Snacks are dedicated to delicious bulk trail mix blends that will put big smiles on everyone's faces. Place your order today with Argires Snacks and you will never want to buy another supermarket trail mix again. Argires Snacks are all about tasty and fresh snacks that you can savor.