Dried Fruit

Argires Snacks dried fruit are a perfect fit for those interested in fresh, wholesome, good for you snacks from a company that cares about each customer. Argires delivers quick service, big flavor, and friendly experiences that are outrageously good.

Our food safety practices are strong and validated with one of the toughest third party audits in the industry called SQF (Safe Quality Food). Most retailers demand this type of certification to be considered as a vendor.

Be aware that most of our dried fruit does contain added sugar and is not organic. Eaten in small quanities, you can benefit from the many nutrients that fruit has to offer on a year round basis. Besides, it doesn't spoil or need refrigeration. Outrageously good is a feeling we want customers to experience. Argires Snacks are a perfect way to add wholesome, fresh snacks with simple ingredients to your day.

Thanks for visiting our site. Happy shopping! WE HOPE YOUR WEEK TURNS OUT TO BE OUTRAGEOUSLY GOOD!