Bulk Pecans

Argires Snacks bulk pecans are so outrageously good that they are now one of our top selling nut options. For many years, pecan nuts were slightly overlooked in favor of other nuts. However, this has changed as our dietary habits have started to shift.

These days, we are much more concerned about the food that we eat. A renewed interest in natural foods has made bulk pecans from Argires Snacks one of our most popular nut products. Pecan nuts are very versatile. You can use them in your cooking, baking, or just eat them straight from the bag.

Argires Snacks offers four different pecan nut products. Argires Snacks pecan nut options include:

We are conscious that many of Argires Snacks' customers like to make healthy choices. This is why we include non-salted pecan nuts. Pecan nuts also make great high energy snack foods. Pack them up and take them to work with you and share them with your colleagues.

Bulk Pecans from Anuts

When you have your own business or company, you may want to expand your range of product. Argires Snacks would be delighted to help you do so. As long as you have the necessary business details available and the ability to accept large shipments, we can supply bulk pecans to you. It is the perfect choice when you want to add a healthy range of products. This product is also perfect for pet stores and buying groups such as preppers communities.

Product benefits:

  • Excellent value for money
  • Fresh natural product
  • Roasted & salted shelled pecans have been roasted in natural coconut oil
  • Sold by the pound or larger quantities
  • Argires Snacks bulk pecans are only sourced from quality suppliers

Health Benefits of Pecan Nuts

Pecan nuts contain a special type of antioxidants called phenolics. This is a range of antioxidants that are rather hard to find naturally. However, pecan nuts contain a lot with them. Phenolics are associated with a range of health benefits. They can help you to lose weight and reduce cardiovascular disease. Pecan nuts are also associated with a lowered inflammatory response thanks to their high phenolics content.

Adding pecan nuts to your diet is easy. The team at Argires Snacks love to eat our pecan nuts as a snack. But, you can also add pecan nuts to your cooking and baking. They are super rich in the nut oil oleic acid, which releases when you cook or use them in baked goods.

Argires Snacks are dedicated to delicious pecan nuts. Our flavor fighters work hard to ensure that every nut you get from us is of the highest-quality. Argires Snacks' Bulk Pecans are for those who love to enjoy a healthy and flavorful snack every day. Not only does the team at Argires Snacks focus on shipping top quality nuts, but we believe in looking after our customers.

Argires Snacks appreciates all our customers and delivers exceptional customer service. Place your order today for Argires Snacks bulk pecans. Your pecan nut order will soon be with you using our fast and friendly service.