About Us

Technology has given us this wonderful opportunity to meet. We have met many new friends and continue to serve many more as repeat customers. Argires Snacks is the parent of and is a real nut & popcorn company with a physical processing/packaging plant.

While your interests may vary, from wanting to eat simpler more healthy snacks, to treating yourself to our indulgent heavy coated popcorn, to sharing great tasting product with family, friends or co-workers, to giving your favorite pet or critter a treat, is the digital expression of everything that Argires Snacks believes in and has practiced throughout its long history.

Argires Snacks are for those who want healthy or indulgent snacks every day from a company that cares about each customer. At Argires Snacks and, we deliver quick service, big flavor, and friendly experiences that are Outrageously Good.

As a family owned business since 1949, we’ve always strived to treat every customer like part of our family. We work our hardest with all our suppliers to make sure the freshest, wholesome batches are picked for you to enjoy every day.

We use the highest quality, simplest ingredients straight from field to table. Many of our products are processed in batches. Packing our snacks full of big taste that makes for big smiles isn’t just our commitment – it’s our passion. It’s the song we sing every day with all of you who enjoy our products.

For we believe that every bite should make you feel Outrageously Good throughout your day and every time we meet.

Welcome to our world! We are truly excited for the opportunity to serve both you, your family, and your pets for years to come.

Most importantly, we hope you enjoy each day to its fullest!

George Argires
Argires Snacks

PS. Don’t worry. All our products are human grade and can be enjoyed by everyone!