Blueberries, Bulk Dried (Sweetened)

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Bulk Dried Blueberries

Argires Snacks’ Dried Blueberries can only be described as real taste sensations. They are outrageously good to eat straight from the bag or you can add them to your cooking. Sprinkle Argires' Dried Blueberries on top of your breakfast cereal or muesli to discover big flavor. You can buy blueberries in bulk from Argires Snacks to make sure that you never run out of these delicacies. Did you know that dried blueberries are richer in antioxidants than frozen blueberries?

Product benefits:

  • Dried natural blueberries
  • Available in bulk
  • Excellent value for money
  • Packed with antioxidants

Argires Snacks’ Dried Blueberries are a must have for the "berry connoisseur". Argires Snacks are dedicated to delicious berries and nuts that we love to deliver to our customers fast and fresh. Place your order today, and your dried blueberries will soon be with you to put big smiles on your family's faces.


Blueberries, Sugar, Sunflower Oil.