Pepitas, Raw (Shelled Pumpkin Seeds)

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Raw Pepitas

Argires Snacks' Raw Pepitas are the perfect treat for humans that like to stay healthy and boost their energy levels. However, if you have any large feathered friends in your care, they will enjoy them as well. It seems that Argires Snacks' Raw Pepitas are outrageously good to both humans and birds. Pepitas can be part of your cooking and baking routines.

Product benefits:

  • High natural nutritional value and packed with flavor
  • Totally natural product
  • Nothing added
  • Great for both humans and our feathered friends
  • Excellent value for money

Argires Snacks' Raw Pepitas are delivered fast and fresh to your home. The team at Argires Snacks dedicate themselves to delicious snacks loved by all. That is exactly what you get when you order raw pepitas from Argires Snacks. Place your order today to experience a healthy and delicious treat.


Pepitas, Raw.

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    5 Stars

    The best and cheapest buy of pumpkin seeds an absolute buy recommendation

  • 5

    I'm so happy to see my very favorite nut supplier ow carrying raw and unsalted pepitas! We are sending these along with inshell nuts to our parrot rescue groups, and the birds are excited to see them! As always thanks for your great products, price, and service!

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    These are great!

    We've bought many pounds of these for parrot rescues across the country, and everyone is super happy with the high quality, me, I"m also happy with the low price!

  • 4
    Great quality, Fresh

    MAX eats em up

  • 5
    Very fresh and good quality

    Good Price also. Will buy again.

  • 5

    These are absolutely addictive when roasted in a little olive oil and lightly salted.

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    Raw papitas

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Apr 2018


    Very fresh and clean. The price is drastically less than the grocery store. So glad I found the website!

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    Good quantity and price, will buy again!

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Nov 2017


    Fresh and test good. And the price is very good! Hope there are more popular nuts and seeds sell on this website, for example chia seeds, flex seeds, hemp seeds with shell.

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    pumpkin seeds

    Posted by Unknown on 1st May 2017


    I was very pleased with this shipment. It arrived in time and in very good condition.