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How to Toast Pecans and Other Nuts at Home

2nd Oct 2021

When your recipe or dish calls for adding nuts, chopped, halved, or whole nuts, whether it suggests it or not, you should take a moment and toast them.Why Toast Pecans or Other Nuts?Toasting peca … read more

Are Nuts Good For Diabetics?

26th Sep 2021

We know that in general, nuts are healthy and good for you: they are packed with nutrients and proteins, they help with lowering blood pressure they are great for heart health they … read more

9 Ways to Make Popcorn Extra

30th Aug 2021

Popcorn is timeless. It's the perfect snack and can be made to suit any palette. Whether you like plain, buttered,  caramel popcorn, or cheese popcorn, those are easy to make and … read more

Best Nuts for Keto

28th Jul 2021

Reducing carbs, increasing fats, and ensuring proper protein levels is the basis of the Keto diet. Aside from the other two components, maintaining healthy protein levels can be tricky, an … read more

What Do Parrots Eat?

29th Jun 2021

It’s been said that birds are scavengers and will eat what they find. It’s also been noted that due to the excessive energy it takes to fly, they consume up to four times their weight in food a … read more