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Our Heavy Coat Popcorn

Posted by George Argires on 28th Dec 2014

As it gets colder in Chicago, the imagery of a heavy coat becomes more prominent. Over the weekend, it occurred to me that this describes our irresistible Argires gourmet popcorn perfectly. We … read more

Do you sell nuts that are gluten free?

Posted by George Argires on 18th Nov 2014

Nuts, by themselves, are gluten free. Gluten is a mixture of proteins that are found in wheat, barley,and rye. The only item that we carry that contains flour are diced dates that we use in our tropic … read more

Do it yourself holiday gifts

Posted by George Argires on 28th Oct 2014

My wife is the gift buyer , as well as the gift maker in our family.  Around this time of the year, she often goes to a dollar store (even though they are really not dollar stores) and buys … read more