Do it yourself holiday gifts

Posted by George Argires on 28th Oct 2014

My wife is the gift buyer , as well as the gift maker in our family. 

Around this time of the year, she often goes to a dollar store (even though they are really not dollar stores) and buys either decorative tins, mugs or holiday boxes of some type. She then puts some nuts in them and wraps them with cellophane. She completes the gift by tying a big bow at the top.

This is a great way to create inexpensive, yet unique, grab bag gifts or little gifts for friends that say thank you in a very personal way. Our  salted cashews are great for this. A cup or small container might fit 8-10 oz of nuts. Our no salt trail mixes would work for the healthier friends. She has even used our salted in shell pistachios in the past.

If you have the time, try something different this year and stand out using your secret weapon ---!