Peanuts, Raw Blanched - No Shell

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Raw blanched peanuts. No shell. Sold by the lb.

Peanuts, Raw Blanched - No Shell

1 cup = about 5oz raw blanched peanuts

3.2 cups = about one pound

Quantity is the number of pounds you are buying. Price is the price per pound for the nut. To help protect the environment by minimizing packaging, your purchase will be shipped in bulk. One bag for each item you purchase regardless of the number of pounds.

Note: As with any raw agricultural food products it is recommended that raw nuts be cooked before consumption.

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    Peanuts, Raw Blanched - No Shell

    My order was shipped promptly. The peanuts are of high quality - no shells or skins.

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    Peanuts - Yes!

    The best and I am grateful for the friend that referred me to ANuts!

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    Blanched Peanuts

    Consistent product received with numerous orders.

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    Delicious Peanuts

    Love the peanuts ... arrived on time as promised ... will definitely order again!

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    Blanched peanuts

    I have been buying these for about two years, 30 pounds every 2 months. Some for me (I roast them) and most for the squirrels, crows and bluejays in my neighborhood and where I work. They like them as much as I do. I used to feed them peanuts in shell but my neighbors and boss disliked seeing the shells in their yards and on the grounds at work. These are a great option. And price is good.

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    Peanuts, raw blanched

    These are wonderful quality. We roast our own peanuts and these are great.

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    Excellent as usual!

    Been ordering from these guys monthly for over a year. Perfect every time!

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    Flighty Friends

    A number of little song birds as well as doves and woodpeckers flock to my feeders during migration times and winter. They love to find the blanched peanuts and soon learn the timing for my handouts.

    The peanuts nourish the birds and there is no residue left behind. The Anuts peanuts are so clean and plump, I am happy to share them with the winter birds.

    The nesting birds in summer are raising more young and finding plenty with the peanut handout I suppose they add a few bugs for garnish.

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    Why blanch?

    When the shell is removed there is still a skin on the outside of the nutmeat. Blanching is a process that removes the skin from the nut meat. The process itself is done by putting the nuts in very hot water for about a minute (blanching) then cooling them rapidly and rubbing off the skin. Blanched nuts are used mostly for cooking and baking. If the nut is unblanched and the skin is still on, the skin will separate during cooking. Leaving your baked goodie, a husky mess. Killing enzymes is not the purpose of blanching nuts. You do that when you freeze vegetables, There is no harm to humans or wildlife eating unblanched nuts, For snacking nothing beats an unblanched nut. The husk adds just a touch of flavor, and is packed full of nutrients.