Thank You

Thank you!

Since 2008, we have met so many wonderful people through and our outlet store. Thank you for shopping with us and trusting us throughout the year to continue to provide you with products you enjoy.

You've shared so many stories with us about how our products have been incorporated into your lives. Great taste by making it fresh and packing it when you order has brought great smiles to many of your faces.

Your stories have included how you share our nuts and popcorn with others. You tell others to visit us and give us a try with pride and deep trust.

Many of you care for your pets deeply. Others love our great taste. Some are addicted to the silky smooth, life changing taste of our gourmet cheese and caramel popcorn. There are so many ways Argires products have touched your lives.

You have helped make creating our Argires and anuts experience for you very fulfilling for us. We enjoy coming to work each day to create products that will make you smile.

Please share your stories about Argires and on our Facebook page. Share pictures of our products and our packaging on your favorite social media app. We would be greatly indebted to you if you would take a few minutes to do this.

We thank you deeply, for allowing us to share with you both our talent and our passion. Thank you also for visiting us many times throughout the year.

Have a great week and always try to make the most of your day!


George Argires