15 Fun Facts About Nuts You Probably Don't Know

20th Apr 2018

15 Fun Facts About Nuts

Fun Facts About Nuts You Probably Don't Know

Nuts are some of the healthiest foods you can eat, but why are they so good for you?! That question answered and more fun facts about nuts here!

Whether you enjoy a peanut butter sandwich or love snacking on trail mix there are few people in the world that don't enjoy eating nuts.

For those of you with allergies, we sincerely apologize for the delicious facts we've gathered. We hope they can help you win a trivia contest in your nut-free future.

Nuts have been an important part of the human diet since our early years. Around 4 million years ago our teeth were perfect for nuts, to the point where we chose them over fruit. Not that we wouldn't still do that now...

Nuts a filling snack, but also an important part of a healthy diet. Containing protein, unsaturated fats, and a variety of nutrients you can't go wrong with a handful (or pound) within reach.

No Nuts About It

We love these little guys and the only thing more fun than eating them is learning about them. Are you ready to join us on a whirlwind trip through some amazing nut facts?

Lower the Bad Fat

Besides being an amazing addition to your cookies, macadamia nuts contain the largest amount of monounsaturated fatty acids of any nuts. Why's that impressive?

If you chow down on these regularly you may experience lower total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. This can decrease your risk of heart disease and stroke. Additionally, monounsaturated fats contribute various nutrients to your body such as Vitamin E.

Power Packed

Brazil nuts have a delicate and creamy flavor that provides an amazing source of fiber and magnesium. Not only that, but it only takes one ounce of Brazil nuts to obtain more than 700% of your daily value of selenium! Talk about bang for your buck.

Friends with Fish Oil?

Looking for your Omega-3? Walnuts are your best choice, a single serving has over 100% of your daily value-packed in its shell.

You shouldn't exchange out walnuts for fish though, they both contain Omega-3, but different types of it. Both promote a healthy body, but one source of Omega-3 cannot be replaced by another.

Luckily, fish and nuts go great together.

Green Is Good

Green with envy when you see someone with a bag of pistachios? This green, and sometimes purple, color comes from antioxidants found in the nut.

These antioxidants aren't just pretty, either. Containing beta-carotene, gamma-tocopherol, lutein and more, eating pistachios may help decrease inflammation and plaque buildup inside blood vessels. Keep an eye out on these little guys as more science becomes available.

Itchy Nuts?

The shell of a cashew is toxic and cannot be eaten. These nuts are related to poison ivy and their shell produces an oil called urushiol that causes rashes and a nasty itch.

We know how fun it is to shell your own nuts, but leave this one to the professionals. Roasting at high temperatures destroys the oil, but the levels needed can't be reached in your standard oven.

Tricky Names

Brazil nuts must be pretty straightforward, right? Don't let them trick you, most of these delicately flavored snacks are brought to you from Bolivia!

Trickier Geography

If you want the real Brazil nut, you should go for cashews. These banana-curved cuties originate from this tropic paradise.

Adventurers at heart the cashew has since reached India, Nigeria, the Ivory Coast, and Vietnam.

Makes You Happy

We really do love that curve to the cashew, and so do other countries. In Iran, the cashew is known as the "smiling nut" and "happy nut" in China. No wonder they cheer us up.

Big Love

In 1919 Texas chose the pecan tree as its state tree. The plant was so loved that Texas Governor James Hogg asked that one be planted at his gravesite.

In Sickness and in Health

Ancient Greeks believed that hazelnuts had medicinal properties. While they do enjoy the health benefits of a majority of nuts, the Greeks believed they could treat coughing and baldness.

Thanks, Chocolate

Where do most almonds go? Right into chocolate! 40% of the world's almonds are bought by chocolate manufacturers and we can't find a reason to complain about that.

Popular Peanuts

You could call the peanut the king of all nuts...and yes, we know it's actually a legume. In truth, you're eating the seeds of this crop, but they have a shell so we'll count it!

There are peanut butter and peanut oil, Asian cuisine and old-fashioned peanut butter, or sometimes just animal feed. This fan favorite accounts for two-thirds of all nuts eaten, just ignore the technicality.

Don't Giggle

Some nuts have funny names, a filbert is a hazelnut and a goober is a peanut.

Stubborn Seeds

Almonds are pretty picky. They aren't able to grow on their own, if it wasn't for bumblebees we'd be all out. Remember that next time you reach for the bug spray.

Every February nearly one million hives are taken to California to pollinate the trees. These hives come from all across the country, making it quite the event!

Watch out for Fido

You might love macadamia nuts, but they're actually poisonous to dogs. We know, this fact isn't that fun. Look on the bright side, it means you don't have to share.

Signs of macadamia nut poisoning include weakness, fever, muscle tremors, and vomiting. The illness is non-fatal and dogs seem to be the only species affected. If your dog did eat some macadamia nuts, be on the watch for symptoms and prepare for a trip to the vet.

Ready to Eat?

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