The Delusion of Free Shipping

Posted by George Argires on 15th Nov 2018 does not offer free shipping. Why is that?

Free shipping implies that the customer does not pay for this. The vendor does. Yet, in order to offer free shipping on products that have weight (not digital or small items) the way a vendor pays for shipping is to raise their price.

At we like to be transparent in what we do. When comparing our prices against competition it is important to compare the GRAND TOTAL of your order against the order total from another site. In many cases, you will find that we are cheaper. You can see your shipping cost in your shopping cart. Simply put in your city, state and zipcode and it will show you your options.

To lower your shipping costs, you simply need to add a few pounds to your order. We can ship up to 32 lbs in one box. Buying a pound of product and shipping it to you is not cost effective. But purchasing 10lbs instead of 5lbs can be. 

Hope this helps! Thanks for visiting our site. It's great to meet such nice people each and every day!