Are you looking for the perfect sweet and healthy snack? If you have ever tried dried apricots, you may have been disappointed in the taste compared to the fresh version of the fruit. For a flavorful dried apricot, try our outrageously good dried Turkish apricots. At Argires Snacks, we love to look after our customers and put big smiles on their faces with every purchase.

Typically, dried fruits are sweeter than fresh. Though, apricots often lose their sweetness when not dried correctly. The apricots you find in stores often rate as tasteless and dry. Argires Snacks' apricots are a cut above the rest and we believe we will enjoy the big flavor our apricots offer.

Dried apricots from Argires Snacks are a delicious, healthy, and affordable snack. They also add rich flavor to many recipes.

The Perfect Snack

Our dried Turkish apricots have just the right amount of juicy sweetness to make the perfect snack. Children and adults alike can enjoy this healthy finger food at home or on the go. Dried fruits are easy to pack and store, making them perfect for outings and travel.

You can also add them to your morning cereal or favorite green salads. They add just the right amount of natural sweetness to both, but without adding any processed sugars.

Apricots offer health benefits as well. They are an excellent source of Vitamin A. They also contain iron, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc. This fruit is also rich in fiber (5% of your recommended daily intake per serving), which makes them an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their digestion.

Cooking with Dried Apricots

Dried Apricots are more versatile than you may think. While you can enjoy them on their own as a snack, you can also cook with them.

In addition to apricot pies and tarts, you can also find recipes for apricot muffins. What about entrees flavored with dried Turkish apricots? You can search and quickly find recipes for couscous, pancakes, apricot puttanesca, and more.

Two Varieties Available

We have a variety that is preserved using sulfur. For those who don't prefer sulfur, we also offer a variety that is dried without sulfur. Both are available at Argires Snacks by the pound for added cost savings to you. Each type contains only whole pitted apricots from Turkey and nothing else.


  • Whole Pitted, Treated with Sulfur Dioxide, Product of Turkey, or
  • Whole Pitted (No Sulfur Dioxide), Product of Turkey

Benefits of dried Turkish apricots:

  • Flavorful snack anytime
  • Sold by the pound for cost savings
  • Natural product, great-tasting
  • Tender, sweet, and juicy
  • Rich source of Vitamin A
  • Contains natural antioxidants
  • Contains iron, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc
  • 5% daily recommended fiber per serving

Other dried fruits often get more recognition, but dried apricots are one of the best-kept snacking options around. If you want a healthy and satisfying snack, place your order of dried Turkish apricots today. We will ship them right out through our fast and fresh service.