Factory Outlet Store - Alsip, IL 60803

Argires Factory Outlet Store in Alsip, IL 60803

We sell all all types of bulk nuts (in shell & shelled), dried fruit & chocolates. You can buy our Argires gourmet popcorn (cheese, caramel, or mixed) in big 16oz bags or buy a gift tin. We roast, salt, pop, and package everything on in our plant onsite. Save on shipping and visit us. We would love to meet you!


We are in an industrial park.



We are located in a southwest suburb of Chicago about 25 minutes from Midway Airport, about 15 minutes from the Illinois/Indiana border and about 5 minutes off of the  I-294 tollway at the 127th St. Exit (going south on Tollway) or Cicero Ave. North exit (going north on Tollway).


Phone: 708.388.6250 
Fax: 708.388.7175           .
Open M-F: 7AM-3PM
Open Saturday: 10AM-1PM

Closed Sunday.
New Years Week Hours:
Monday/Tuesday this week. Regular Hours.
New Years Eve (Dec. 31st) 7am-1pm.
New Years Day: CLOSED.
Friday (January 2nd) 9am-3pm.
Saturday (January 3rd) 10am-1pm.


DRIVING DIRECTIONS: Find your way to 122nd (South) and Cicero Ave. There is a light at this intersection (by White Castle). Go west on 122nd Street (only way you can go here) to the first stop sign which is Laramie. Turn left onto Laramie (you will be going south). Turn right onto 123rd Place - this will be the first chance you can turn right once you are on Laramie (When you turn right you will be going west). You will drive about two blocks into an industrial area. The first street sign you will see will be Latrobe. The street sign will be near the end of the Heniff tanker trucks that you will see on your right as you are driving on 123rd Place.Turn left onto Latrobe (you will be going south) and we will be on your left hand side at 12345!


If you are coming south on I-294 Tollway: Exit at 127th St. Exit. Go to Light. Turn left onto 127th Street. About 1/2 block up, turn left again onto Cicero Ave. (you will be going north). Go to 122nd Street (as described above) and turn left. Then follow the directions above.


If you are coming north on I-294 Tollway: Exit at Cicero Ave. North Exit (Right after 127th St Exit). Go to 2nd stop light. It will be 122nd Street. Turn left and then follow the directions above.