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Raw blanched peanuts. No shell. Sold by the lb.

Peanuts, Raw Blanched - No Shell

1.06 LBS
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    Peanuts, Raw Blanched - No Shell

    1 cup = about 5oz raw blanched peanuts

    3.2 cups = about one pound

    Quantity is the number of pounds you are buying. Price is the price per pound for the nut. To help protect the environment by minimizing packaging, your purchase will be shipped in bulk. One bag for each item you purchase regardless of the number of pounds.

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    1. The very best peanuts for birds !!!

      Not only are these wonderful peanuts for wild birds ... the service is amazingly quick !!! Most people may not be aware of it but only blanched peanuts are really safe tor birds ... the peanut contains an enzyme that is damaging to birds but IS DESTROYED by blanching !!! Peanuts are a legume which means they grow underground ... therefore not generally available to birds and Squirrels without human help ... they did not development the ability to properly digest them ... so help your feathered and furry friends by buying these peanuts ... I've tried them all and these are THE BEST !!! on 20th May 2016

    2. Great Value

      Great value for the price. Wish they had these in jumbo size. on 29th Apr 2016

    3. My backyard friends love these nuts

      All of my backyard friends love these nuts. From the squirrels to the blue jays, cardinals, crackles, Grosheads, and even the chick-a-dees. Good value, would like to see better discounts on shipping larger quantity. Other than that, A+++ on 26th Apr 2016

    4. The birds LOVE them!!

      I buy 30 pounds of these and they last 1/2 the winter. The bird absolutely love them..from Chickadees to the Woodpeckers. The ground feeders have a feast with those messy, greedy Chickadees! Do get a METAL feeder or the squirrels will chew a hole within a day. Squirrels can empty a large feeder in an hour!

      This site is the least expensive and delivery is so fast they were almost here before I ordered them! LOL. The packaging is perfect.
      on 11th Apr 2016

    5. Great Peanuts

      Your Peanuts are the freshest I have eaten for a long time, I enjoy eating them when watching Television. Thank you for having them at on 30th Mar 2016

    6. Great Value

      Excellent value for the money. Good quality at a fair price. on 15th Mar 2016

    7. Perfect

      The peanuts were just what I needed for my business (dog treats).....The price was great and the shipping time was minimal....Thanks for the great service. on 2nd Mar 2016

    8. Peanuts

      The peanuts were received in a timely manner. The peanuts were fresh and clean. on 29th Feb 2016

    9. Peanuts

      My squirrels love them. Enough said. on 9th Jan 2016

    10. Nuts were good quality

      I feed these to the birds and squirrels and they don't like the nuts with shells and I don't like the mess-they enjoyed these and it was so far the best price I have found for a quantity I can keep at home and not get stale. on 15th Nov 2015

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