Bulk Dried Pineapple

Argires Snacks’ Bulk Dried Pineapple range is outrageously delicious. We start with top quality pineapples which are then dried to perfection. Drying fruit is an excellent way of preserving it. It seals in the flavor, and many fruits become even more flavorsome once dried.

Pineapple is a unique fruit that's packed with health benefits. The main healthy compound in pineapples is bromelain. When you freeze pineapple, it destroys the bromelain. However, drying pineapple does not destroy bromelain. Dried pineapple is, therefore, a lot better for you.

The same can be said for the vitamins, microminerals, and antioxidants found in pineapple. They are not destroyed by the drying process.

The Benefits of Purchasing Bulk Dried Pineapple

Who should buy bulk dried pineapple? Bulk dried pineapple is the perfect product for you to add to your range if you have your own business. If you as you have your business details and can accept bulk deliveries, Argires Snacks can help you out.

Argires Snacks bulk dried pineapple is the perfect product for many different kinds of businesses. Our dried fruit products can benefit bakeries, health food retailers, and food stores. Argires Snacks dried pineapple is outrageously good and would be perfect for a range of businesses.

We are also happy to supply prepping communities and other groups as long as you can accept bulk deliveries.

Product benefits:

  • Dried pineapple seals in both big flavor and health benefits
  • Sold in bulk or by the pound for private buyers
  • Excellent quality
  • Fast and fresh service
  • Big flavor

How to Make the Most out of Dried Pineapple

Dried pineapple is a very versatile product. We sell both pineapple rings and chunks. Argires Snacks' Dried Pineapple is also part of a couple of Argires Snacks' trail mixes.

You can eat dried pineapple straight out of the bag if you like, but there are a plethora of other ways to add dried pineapple to your everyday diet. Baking with dried pineapple can add big taste to your homemade creations.

Argires Snacks dried pineapple also tastes great when used in cooking and delicious when added to a roasted chicken. The team at Argires Snacks loves to give our customers ideas on how to use all of Argires Snacks exciting and big taste snack products. If you are not sure about anything, please go ahead and give us a call. We would love to hear from you.

Whether you are a bulk buyer or a personal customer, you can always rely on the team at Argires Snacks. As a company, we love to deliver friendly experiences. We pride ourselves on customer service and treat every customer with respect.

We like to make sure that purchasing bulk dried pineapple or any other Argires Snacks product is a pleasure. Every member of our team dedicates themselves to delicious dried fruit. Place your order today and your dried pineapple will soon be on its way to you.