In Shell Nuts

Argires Snacks in shell nuts are the treasure of this website. Not easily found in retail stores anymore, our in shell nuts are for those that want the simplest of ingredients.  We sell a lot of in shell nuts throughout the year!

Our in shell nuts are shipped fast and fresh because we believe that "fresh enhances taste". We work hard with all of our suppliers to make sure their freshest batches are picked for you to enjoy. We also believe that great taste should come with great service.

Our food safety practices are strong and validated with one of the toughest third party audits in the industry called SQF (Safe Quality Food). Most retailers demand this type of certification.

One interesting note about in shell nuts in general. They are one of the few food groups that both humans and pets, such as squirrels and parrots, can eat and enjoy.

Happy Shopping! We hope you have an outrageously good week!