Peanuts, Spanish - Salted

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Salted Spanish Peanuts. No shell. Sold by the lb. Spanish peanuts are roasted in natural coconut oil. Made fresh for great taste. Packed fresh for big smiles.

Roasted Spanish Peanuts

Argires Snacks’ Roasted Spanish Peanuts are outrageously good and packed with big flavor. Our team of flavor fighters roast them in natural coconut to further enhance the flavor. You'll enjoy the taste sensation with every bite. Our Spanish peanuts are perfect for dinner and cocktail parties, but also great for making nut butters such as peanut butter. Argires Snacks’ Roasted Salted Spanish Peanuts have been roasted in their skins for extra taste. That is what makes them so special.

Product benefits:

  • Sourced from quality producers of peanuts in Spain
  • Packed with flavor
  • Delivered to you using our fast and fresh service
  • Great Price

Our team of flavor fighters dedicates themselves to delicious and healthy tasting snacks. Argires Snacks delivers quick service and big flavor. Most importantly, we are always here for our customers. Place your order today to enjoy roasted salted Spanish peanuts.


Peanuts, Salt.

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  • 5
    Great, fresh, tasty Spanish peanuts!

    I use these to eat as they are, and also to make my homemade peanut butter. Have tried Spanish peanuts from several different companies - think these are the best!

  • 5
    Spanish peanuts, salted!

    I enjoyed them!

  • 5
    Spanish peanuts, salted!

    I enjoy the peanuts.

  • 5
    salted spanish peanuts

    were great!!

  • 5
    Spanish peanuts, salted!

    Reminds me of being at the candy , peanut, popcorn island of Sears back in the 60's! Delicious Memories!

  • 5
    Best Spanish peanuts I have found yet!

    I make my own smooth, creamy peanut butter at home, and have for years. I particularly love the taste of peanut butter made with Spanish peanuts, and have used Planters brand, and peanuts from two other companies.

    To date, these are the best! It took a very short time to make the peanut butter in my Braun food processor with these. Usually, it takes about 15 minutes more, which doesn't sound like a lot, but it is when you are running a food processor at high speed. The peanut butter made from the Spanish peanuts purchased here tastes extremely fresh, not too salty, and very, very smooth.

    We particularly like the skins incorporated into the peanut butter, as it gives it a bit of "eye appeal", and a better taste.

    Both my husband and I also love to eat these right out of the package. I got a lot, used some to make peanut butter, ate some, and froze the rest for future use. Great peanuts!

  • 5
    Spanish peanuts, salted!

    Always delicious, reminds me of the 60's Sears peanut, popcorn, candy island they us to have!

  • 5
    best spanish peanuts ever

    I make my own peanut brittle and the Spanish peanuts are a super addition. They make the best peanut brittle on the planet