Parrot Mix (Human Grade)

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PARROT MIX (HUMAN GRADE, with Raw In-Shell Sunflower Seeds)

Argires Snacks’ Parrot Mix is so outrageously good that many of our winged friends say that they can't stop eating it. Parrot mixes are a great and healthy snack for birds. This healthy parrot mix is bursting with nutritional goodness. It's packed with varieties of dried fruit with the exception of Raw In-Shell Sunflower seeds treaty worthy for any bird (All Human Grade) 

Product benefits:

  • Packed with Argires Snacks Dried Fruits 
  • No Sugar Added - Cherries, Blueberries, Cranberries and Banana Chips
  • No Sulfur - Diced Apples 
  • Raw Sunflower Seeds (In Shell)
  • No Salt added
  • Human Grade
  • Bursting with healthy nutrients 

Argires Snacks’ Parrot Mix is the right snack for birds, when you want a healthy snack that's also big on nutrition. Argires Snacks are not only dedicated to delicious human snacks but also to our winged friends. We care about all of our customers and love to hear from you. Order our Parrot Mix today and let our birds enjoy a tasty snack every day of the week.


Diced Apples (No Sulfur), Banana Chips (No Sugar), Raw Sunflower Seeds (In Shell), Cherries (No Sugar), Blueberries (No Sugar),  Cranberries (No Sugar)