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Why are you out of walnuts? Hint: New crop nuts will arrive soon!

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You will see that we are out of in shell walnuts and in shell mixed nuts. Why? We just ran out of our old crop walnuts. New crop walnuts should arrive the week of Sept. 29th. Our new crop Brazil nuts will arrive the week of Sept 22. Filberts should arrive around October 10th. Pecans about the 15th of the month. Almonds shortly after.

All of these nuts are harvested once a year and then kept in storage until used. Almonds and walnuts come from California. Filberts from Oregon. Brazil nuts from South America. Pecans from Georgia.

Over 70% of each of our domestic crops get exported. Because nuts are so healthy there continues to be increasing global demand for them. What is the result of this popularity? Continued increases in prices.

That should stop us from eating nuts every day. They really are good for you to eat. 

One of our trademarks says it best --- "Nature Makes "Em Good".

Enjoy your day while making the most of it.

George Argires

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