Why are nut prices so high?

Posted by George Argires on 10th Oct 2014

It's amazing that over the past few years, nut prices keep climbing. Since the late 90's, scientific studies continually point the great health benefits that nuts have to offer. All of us should be eating a handful of nuts each day for our heart health as well as other health benefits.

Almost as an awakening, the world found this out and are consuming more nuts each year. Over 70% of our domestic nut crops (almonds, filberts, pecans, pistachios, walnuts) are exported. World supply of most nuts, while growing, cannot keep up with demand. The result? Increased pricing. For example, India used to export a lot of their cashews to this country. While the still send us some, overall India has become a net importer of cashews to meet their own consumer demand. China now buys a lot of our nut supplies.

Since nuts are an agricultural crop, the size of the nut harvest, not only in our country but in others, plays a large role in nut pricing. Weather conditions, such as the drought in California, affects pricing. The freeze damage to hazelnut (filbert) trees in and around Turkey has reduced supply of filberts.

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